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U-long is Taiwan manufacturer and supplier since 1983. U-LONG was established in 1983 as a core enterprise of Nam Liong Group. Originally founded to produce special industrial fabrics, the company gradually expanded into the field of high-value stretch fabrics through cutting-edge research and development.

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We innovate, strengthen technical basis, properly control products quality and punctual delivery, which enable highly competitive strength of this company in the textile sector in Taiwan.

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High Performance Textile & Fabric Manufacturer - U-long

Located in Taiwan, U-Long High-Tech Textile Co., Ltd., since 1983, is a high-performance textile and fabric manufacturer. Main product, including high tenacity yarns, industrial and complementary textiles, knitted fabrics, sustainable textiles, woven fabrics, functional fabrics and so forth.

hyperbreeze, 3D structure fabric, anti-odor fabric and durable fabrics are U-long's specialties in the textile industry. U-long provides fabrics for outdoor activities, leisurewear and workwear that is suitable for all weather conditions and tough working environments. Textiles for baby strollers or inflatable equipment are extremely environmentally-friendly. Military and protection equipment textile products made from nylon 66 fabrics, a type of nylon yarn that simulates the rugged, fuzzy texture of natural cotton yarn have high tensile strength.

U-long has been offering customers high-quality fabrics/textiles since 1983, both with advanced technology and 48 years of experience, U-long ensures each customer's demands are met.