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What is DOPE DYED?

Dope dyed yarn is an energy saving & environmental friendly product. Due to doped dyed yarns are created by adding masterbetch colorant to the polymer melt in spinning, it substituted the most polluting process of dyeing.

DOPE DYED Fiber Cross Section & Produce Process

Advantages of DOPE DYED


PIECE DYED General Production Process

  • Example: Poly 600D, Black, 4000y (approx. 1 ton yarn)



DOPE DYED Efficient Production Process

Poly 600D, Black, 4000y(approx. 1 ton yarn)

DOPE DYED Saturated Bright Color


♦Colorfastness to Light Class 4 (600hrs) AATCC-16, OPTION 3

♦Colorfastness to Washing Class 4  AATCC 107, 18hrs at 37℃

♦Colorfastness to Rubbing Class 4  AATCC 8

♦Colorfastness to Washing Class 4  AATCC 61 2A 49 ℃

♦Colorfastness to Perspiration Class 4  AATCC 15, 6hrs 37℃

♦Colorfastness to Sublimation Class 4  AATCC 133



Excellent Colorfastness


Dope dyed yarns are colorfast, resistant to multiple washings and great for achieving bright colors.

Color uniformity is higher than traditional piece dyed for thick, high twist yarn.

Dope Dyed yarn is highly resistant to UV fade and shade changes.

Dope dyed yarns are fully uniform in color and typically do not vary from lot to lot.


DOPE DYED Water Conservation


During the dyeing process

•No water is used in the Dope dying process.

•Due to melt spinning method, chemicals are conserved.

•Low energy and water usage costs.

•Energy saving and carbon reduction.


Water loss of general dyeing process

For example, 2000y of 600D fabrics will use 6 tons water, which can flush toilet about 1000 times!



What DOPE DYED can do for our environment


Significantly reduce the pollution of production

Plan for the Planet

Environmental protection has become a responsibility since the global climate change, along with many serious ecological pollution.
In addition to recycle, we must reduce the emissions of chemical waste that causes environmental damage, love and care for the earth that we live on.